What do you think about helping fight gender inequality? Tell us about how you will put this belief into action.

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Gender inequality has been a feature of many cultures for thousands of years. Although modern technology eliminates much of the rationale for these inequalities, social and cultural traditions which have been ingrained for so long will not be eliminated immediately or easily, nor is there any one simple solution which will end gender inequality.

There are two main considerations in trying to remedy gender inequality. The first is ideological, and the second is practical. In other words, issues such as equal treatment of men and women in workplaces and schools is important, but even such practical issues depend on changing people's attitudes.

One important small practical step is wide availability of birth control, abortion, maternity care, and childcare in a way that allows women to have an equal playing field whatever their reproductive choices. Making many forms of birth control free and available at pharmacies without prescriptions, including perhaps long-term implants, would reduce unwanted pregnancies that are often an obstacle to women's education and careers. Scientifically based sex education in schools is important so that women are fully aware of their reproductive choices.

In terms of attitudes, people involved in media and creative industries can work on portraying genders equally, picturing stay-at-home dads; women engineers, plumbers, and athletes; and male nurses and elementary school teachers, rather than reinforcing stereotypes.

In practical terms, equal opportunity laws should be enforced and gender pay gaps remedied through regulation.

As a student, one could speak up when hearing other students use gender stereotypes in conversation and make sure to treat all other students equally regardless of gender or ethnicity.

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