What do you think about Google's policy to increase parent's financial contribution for child-care benefits?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you are talking about the controversy from 2008 about Google increasing the price of its on-site day care, I think that I cannot know whether it was the right action.   In general, it is Google’s right to require parents to pay more if it (Google) wants.  I would say that it is the correct thing for Google to do if it feels that the benefits of the low-cost day care do not outweigh the costs.  Since I cannot know (and neither can anyone else outside of Google) how much the day care costs Google or how much it feels that it gets out of the day care.

In other words, Google needs to determine how much the day care benefits it.  Does it attract better workers because of the day care?  Which workers that it has would be driven away if it increases prices?  Are they better than workers that Google could get to replace them?  These are the things Google must consider.

Overall, I would say that Google, at the very least, committed a public relations blunder.  It at least ends up looking like an unfeeling employer that would not be good to work for.  However, five years later, the firm does not appear to be badly harmed by the decision.