What do you see as the three most pressing social issues in Canadian society?

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Though Canada is made up of distinct provinces with varying languages, population centers and history, social issues that are common throughout fall into three (3) categories.

(1.) Economy, which examines issues including employment, poverty, welfare programs, housing, taxation, and health care.

(2.) Education, which examines issues including mobility, government programs/project funding (the environment, for example), private institutions, opportunities impacted by gender or ethnic bias.

(3.) Ethnic or Racial discrimination, which includes areas of provincial differentiation, increasing Muslim population and impact of political theory on community.

Multiculturalism impacts every aspect of daily life in Canada and encompasses federal and provincial relations as well as community based needs requiring local and federal support.

In-depth research on any one issue (i.e., health care) must embrace acknowledgment that Canada has both a unique character and responsibility in putting forth practical solutions for its population.

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