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What do you say about this case? Do you think leadership is more or less important in today's flatter, team-based organizations? Are some leadership styles better suited to such organizations as opposed to traditional hierarchical organizations?

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This is a great question. I can see why this question was prompted. In our current climate, many people like the idea of a team based model of working, even in the business realm. With this emphasis a traditional understanding of leadership may be given less emphasis. However, I think that a strong leader is still very important for a few reasons. 

First, from a realistic perspective, to get the job done, you still need a leader. Someone has to cast the vision, make the goals, and make sure that the work is progressing. Also a leader is central when it comes to conflict. Who will break the ties? Who will mediate among the disagreements? 

Second, just because there is a strong leader, this does not mean that a team-based model cannot exist. In other words, they are not mutually exclusive. The key is for the leader to listen. This is what makes a good leader in part. 

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