Based on its title, what do you predict will happen in "The Most Dangerous Game?"

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Student , this is a prediction question, meaning you are allowed to speculate, or make your best guess. What do you think of when you hear the words "dangerous" and "game," for instance? Different pictures may come to mind, such as fire or sports, but in the end, when a teacher asks you to "predict" something, whatever you feel might happen is your best answer.

In this case, one might predict that the characters are going to engage in a competition that is hazardous, even fatal. If you have not yet read the story, there is no way you will know just what that competition is, therefore, feel free to offer your own opinion within your answer.

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The title "The Most Dangerous Game" has a dual meaning.  First, it can refer to the most dangerous competition one can partake in.  This could be General Zaroff's hunting "game" that he plays with captured humans.  In his mind, the rules of the game are fair because he feels he prepares his opponents well by feeding and caring for their physical well-being before the challenge begins. He views this as being "civilized". 

The second meaning can refer to the most dangerous animal being hunted.  In this case, man is dangerous game because he can think and strategize.  Rainsford is the most dangerous game because he is a seasoned hunter, unlike the sailors that Zaroff has amused himself with in the past.  Rainsford knows how to build traps, much to the delight of Zaroff.  Even though the general does not fall for the traps (yet his servant does), he is impressed with Rainsford's knowledge and willingness to survuve.  When Zaroff belives that Rainsford has given up the game and killed himself, Zaroff underestimates his quarry.  He lets his guard down and is ultimately taken down by the most dangerous game... Rainsford.

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