What do you mean by the term ‘Hypothesis’?My posted question is related with Research Methodology

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A hypothesis is something like a guess.  It is typically a theory that a researcher puts forward to try to explain something that cannot, as yet, be explained.  So it is an informed guess as to what is causing some observable phenomenon.

Hypotheses are typically used as part of the scientific process.  If you are going to use a hypothesis as the start for a scientific experiment or research project, it must be falsifiable.  In other words, you must be able to test it and there must be some possible result that can show you that your hypothesis is wrong.

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In the field of scientific research, hypothesis refers to an assumption about the variables being or to be investigated by the research. It may be defined as logically derived relationships that may exist between two or more variables which is expressed in form of a testable statement.

The relationships assumed in the hypothesis are conjectured on the basis of association generally observed between these variables in the background studies for formulation of research objectives and questions.

Good hypothesis for a research study are tentative intelligent solutions to the research problem. They are predictive statements that contain at least one independent and one dependent variable, that relate the independent variable to the dependent variable

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