What Do You Mean By Research

What do you mean by research? Explain the various steps involved in the formulation of the research task in general .

This question is related with  Research Methodology

krishna-agrawala | Student

Research is systematic investigation of a subject to discover new knowledge, including designs of new products and processes. The process of carrying out research is influenced heavily by the topic being researched and the purpose of research. However we can identify following main steps in all kinds of research projects.

  1. Identifying the problem or the specific research task.
  2. Studying existing information related to the problem or the research task.
  3. Formulating a hypothesis that gives possible explanation or description of the facts to be uncovered by the research.
  4. Collecting data or evidence that enables the researcher to test the validity of the hypothesis.
  5. Analysing the data collected and drawing conclusions based on it.