What do you mean by dynamic anthropometry? Explain.  This question is related with ergonomics.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Anthropometry is the study of dimensions of human body and some other related measures to help in design of equipments, facilities and work systems to suit the size of human body and its various parts. Anthropometry is divided in two branches static and dynamic anthropometry. Static anthropometry deals with the measurement when the body is in a fixed position or static.

Dynamic anthropometry deals with measurement that relate to the measurement of range or reach of various types of body movements. Usually when people work more than one body part move in concert to give the body the desired nature and reach of movement. For example when a person may stretches out to reach an object by bending towards the object as well as extending the arm. It may further involve twisting of the back and waist. Perhaps the person may also raise one leg to extend the reach.

Dynamic anthropometry data is used in designing systems that take into account the limits to the reach of such body movement. For example, the shape of a work bench for assembly of a part requirements may be designed so that all the parts and tools used during the assembly are can be reached by the operator most conveniently.

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