What do  you mean by dynamic anthropometry? ExplainThis question is related with ergonomics

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Anthropometry is the objective assessment method of stature development , the state of nutrition, the proportion of development of different segments.

When using the measuring scale Reiner, subjects can be classified as:
- Up to 159.9 cm, they have very small waist; - 160-163,9 cm,they have small size; - 164-169,9cm,they have medium-sized waist;
- 170-179,9 cm, they  have large waist; - Over 180 cm, they have very large waist; Women are smaller than men, with an average of 10 cm.

Nutritional status
Demonstrates that only body weight measurement is not sufficient at the athletes , because the percentage of active mass has a special meaning .

Anthropometric measurements are systematized in:
longitudinal dimensions,
transverse dimensions,
sagital dimensions,
circular size, 
dimensions of osmotic mass,
physiometric data,
determining the envelope,

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