What do you learn in this chapter about Maycomb, Atticus Finch and his family.  

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I think you are probably referring to chapter 1 since each of these are well described there. If not, you may need to ask your question again, referring to a chapter.

1. Maycomb is described as a tired old town who had just been recently told it had nothing to fear but fear itself. It had dirt roads, a town square and people strolled in and out of the businesses therein at a slow pace. It was warm and sticky.

2. Atticus was a lawyer who helped his brother financially through school and must have been a bit more intelligent than the criminals he defended on average. He had two kids and his wife had passed away.

3. His children were Scout (6) and Jem (10). They were cared for by a black nanny named Calpurnia. We find them to be inquisitive adventurous children in the first chapter.

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