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The Most Dangerous Game

by Richard Edward Connell
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In "The Most Dangerous Game," what are General Zaroff's reasons for being on the island?

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General Zaroff has secluded himself to the island for two main reasons:

First, he has made it his passion to hunt human beings instead of animals. This practice would not be tolerated in civilized society, so he creates his own hunting preserve where laws cannot touch him. The island is both a prison for the men on it, and a place where others cannot find him and tell his tale to the world.

Secondly, Zaroff is hiding from his past. As a former Cossack, he would be persecuted in his native Russia, in England, and in America. Instead, he spent years traveling the world and hunting, until he finally became bored with unreasoning animals. On the island, he can live like a nobleman, with fine foods and servants, and still indulge his passion for hunting without worry about his past catching up with him.


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