What do you know of the village of Ziavi from the descriptions given in the text of Draper's Copper Sun?  

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Draper uses the opening scene in chapter 1 to convey vivid images of the village. For example, Draper subtly inserts clues to the environment by writing of Kwasi climbing trees searching for coconuts, and there is also mention of a path and village, along with Amari’s thoughts. “Amari could still smell the sweetness of the pineapple her mother had cut from its rough skin…” (1). Without naming Ziavi explicitly, Draper enables the reader to infer the characters live in a tropical area.

Immediately following, Amari thinks, “Her village, Ziavi, lay just beyond the red dirt path…” (Draper 2). A lengthier description appears:

Amari loved the rusty brown dirt of Ziavi. The path, hard-packed from thousands of bare feet that had trod on it for decades, was flanked on both sides by fat, fruit-laden mango trees, the sweet smell of which always seemed to welcome her home. Ahead she could see the thatched roofs of the homes of her people,...

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