What do you know about the Olympic games in Rome in 1960 and about Wilma Rudolf winning three gold metals?

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In 1960, it had been 54 years since the Olympics had been held in Rome.  During this Olympic even 83 nations participated, there were 150 different events, and over 5000 athletes competed.  The official Olympic committee from Rome held many events in historic sites around the city. Russia won 103 medals, and the USA won 71.  Cassius Clay, later known as Muhammad Ali (USA-boxing), won the light-heavyweight gold medal.

"As a small child, Wilma Rudolph suffered through polio, scarlet fever and double pneumonia. The 20th of 22 children, she overcame these handicaps to become one of the greatest women sprinters of all time. At the Rome Olympics, she competed in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay. After equaling the world record of 11.3 seconds in the semifinals of the 100m, she won the final by three metres in 11.0. A following wind deprived her of an official world record in the 100m. Three days later she scored an easy victory in the 200m. Finally, she anchored the U.S. team to a world record of 44.4 seconds in the semifinals of the 4x100m relay and then earned her third gold medal in the final. For her speed, grace, and beauty, the European press dubbed Rudolph "The Black Gazelle." Her brilliant career ended with her retirement in 1962 after which she devoted herself to coaching and worked extensively with underprivileged children. Wilma Rudolph died tragically young from a brain tumor at the age of 54."

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