What do you know about Jackie Robinson being the 1st black American to play major league baseball in 1947?

Expert Answers
gbeatty eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Jackie Robinson story is a classic one, and one every American should know. Robinson was not the greatest black baseball player at the time. The legendary Satchel Paige or Josh Gibson might have better claims on that title. What he was, though, was a man who blended talent at sports with character. Branch Rickey, who was then president of the Brooklyn Dodgers, recruited Robinson to break the color barrier because he'd observed Robinson and thought he could take the abuse that would come with the experience. He could, though it was extreme, and so, in 1947 (not 1962), Robinson became a pioneer, paving the way for later greats like Hank Aaron and Willie Mays. (See http://www.jackierobinson.com/  for more details.)

dbello eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When the Brooklyn Dodgers signed Jackie Robinson in 1947 the nation was forced to look segregation in the face. Robinson faced humilation by fans and some team members, however he was steadfast in his resolve. All he wanted to do was play major league baseball. It could be argued that Robinson's experience sparked a resurgence in the Civil Rights Movement, due to the national exposure he recieved. The 1950's and 60's were filled with landmark Supreme Court cases, civil rights legislation, and protest marches in order to further aspire to those words...We The People. Jackie Robinson's legacy is America's legacy, and he not only showed America its possibilities he did it through the great American pastime.