Management Information Systems

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What do you know about the importance of information systems and information security in the work environment?

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Over the past 50 years, computerized information systems have become increasingly important in the workplace, being used for a wide range of mission-critical tasks.

The first use for information systems is for both internal and external communications. Information that was once circulated on paper, on topics from everything from policies and procedures to scheduling meetings, is now handled via websites and emails, and often archived in electronic form.

Many standard business activities, such as human resources, accounting functions, and sales are also highly dependent on information systems. For example, rather than keep around cash, most business handle payables and receivables via electronic transfers.

Information security is important because it prevents strategic information from being stolen. Also, as many companies keep sensitive customer and employee personal and accounting information on computer systems, there are possible legal repercussions to security breaches which affect such information. 

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