What do you know about an iceberg recently detached from Antarctica ?

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brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First of all, it's gigantic.  It almost boggles the mind, but they are saying it's the size of Luxembourg, the tiny country in Europe between France and Germany, or about 980 square miles.  A chunk of frozen ice that large drifting north into warmer waters may actually change ocean currents that affect the weather of the North Atlantic for years if not decades.

While that result would not be felt for decades from now, it's further proof that global warming is taking place, and a reminder that it has the potential to cause serious and long lasting changes in our climate, weather and precipitation patterns.

giorgiana1976 | Student

An iceberg with the size of Luxembourg state has broke away from Antarctica, this month, and it could block a region where, one quarter of super cold marine and dense water is produced.
That means that climate patterns and ocean currents on the entire planet would be disrupted, resulting in colder winters.

The block of ice with an area of almost 2,600 square km,has broke away from the portion of ice from Mertz, a formation of 160 kilometers, between East Antarctica to the south of Australian city Melbourne.
The iceberg was set in an area of water, surrounded by ice, where is produced 25% of very cold, dense water, from the bottom of the oceans, that feed the ocean currents.

This phenomenon, besides it could lead to harsh winters,it may affect animals, which find their source of food in this region, according to Neal Young, researcher from the Center for Climate Research and ecosystems in Tasmania.