What do you find valuable on this site  - www.planware.org/strategicsample.htm?  

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are several things on this website that is of value. Let me list four of them that are helpful. I will also put these points in bold print.

First, this website offers many perspectives. It addresses not only strengths, but also weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. This allows a company to look at things from 360 degrees. In a word, the more perspectives a person or company has, the better it is.

Second, the strategies here are adaptable to many different areas of business. In fact, the title says it all - "Strategic Plan for AnyBiz." In light of this, a company can take what helps and leave out those elements that are not helpful.

Third, there is also a section of corporate values, which touches upon ethics. In our current business climate, where there are issues in the area of trust, ethics is an important topic to mention in any business plan.

Fourth, there are also a time-line of goals. This is actually very important, because without goals, a company may be aimless. There also needs to be measurable goals in view.