What do you find valuable on this business website (www.careerhub.typepad.com)?

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This website, Career Hub, contains a number of blog entries by various people claiming to be experts in the world of business. This site will be valuable for people who are trying to find a job. The blog on "Twelve Tips for Telephone Interviews" is useful because more and more initial screenings for job candidates are conducted by telephone, which a difficult format for the candidate because every little hesitation or tick in a candidate's voice is magnified.

The website also contains the requisite articles on how to write a resume. The entry entitled "Here Comes The Judge" offers some useful advice about the necessity to include evidence that you are the job candidate that you say you are.

The blog entry on "Thinking Errors" is also valuable because it provides a number of suggestions about things that job seekers should NOT do when putting together their resumes. This article also puts to rest any misconceptions a job seeker might have about the person who will read your resume once they receive it.

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