What do you find memorable about the ending of Kevin Halligan's "The Cockroach"?

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 “The Cockroach” by Kevin Halligan should be read on two levels: literal and figurative. The point of view of the poem is first person with an unknown speaker.  The poem is written in one stanza with a set rhyme scheme: ABACBCDEFGEGF.

The title of the poem—“The Cockroach”—implies that this is a specific cockroach.  It is given almost human emotions as it traverses the impediments of a small roach versus mansized furniture.   To add to the humanity of the roach, the speaker gives the insect a masculine personal pronoun to refer to the bug instead of the more restrained “it.”

Literal Summary

The speaker watches a “large” cockroach cross his floor. The man focuses his attention on the insect. As it travels across the room, it avoids a dust bunny and seems to follow a familiar path next to the wall.  Suddenly, the roach appears to have some kind of...

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