What are the most important journeys and transformations in Daughter of Fortune by Isabella Allende and what are some of the forces the characters endure along that journey? How does the landscape play a role in their transformation?

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In Daughter of Fortune by Isabella Allende, most of the leading characters are displaced, either having undergone journeys to arrive at where we meet them in the book or undergoing journeys over the course of the narrative. Rose and Jerremy have moved from England to Chile, and despite having made a transformative journey cling very much to the habits of their old country. Eliza herself begins her life with a journey, arriving in a box on Rose's doorstep.

The next set of important journeys are those to California. The first person to leave Chile for California in the story is Joaquin Andieta who goes there to make his fortune. Eliza follows for the sake of love and meets Tao Chi’en, who is Chinese. The characters also travel within California after they arrive.

The main way in which region or landscape plays a role is in its function as constraining, grounding, or liberating. Mama Fresia who is not dislocated from her geographical roots remains a strong and grounded person. The English in Chile lose their moral compass as they negotiate their attempts to maintain British culture in an alien environment. Eliza and Tao find the new land of California a place for self-fashioning and self-understanding.

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