Assess the strength of The Post-American World.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The original question had to be edited down.  I would suggest that one of the strengths of Zakaria's work is that it embraces a new landscape for global economic and political interaction.  The 21st Century world fueled by globalization and rapid appropriation of technology is one in which the old paradigms of geopolitical dynamics have to be set aside for a more progressive view of the world.  The ability for nations to understand this dynamic is where success will lie in the new setting.

Zakaria's strength is his demand that nations of the "West" understand the conditions of the "rest."  Imperial imposition of "democracy" does not work unless the correlating conditions and circumstances are right.  This means, as Zakaria puts it, laying the groundwork for stability in as many realms as possible.  The idea that American imposition of "Western style democracy" as its own good is something that is not as valid.  Rather, there has to be a careful and deliberate understanding of the world around us, recognition of these contexts, before action can be taken.  In offering this paradigm, the work's strength lies in its advocacy of a new paradigm to interact and work with the world, as opposed to demanding and working against its nature.

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