In "How Much Land Does a Man Need?" what do you conclude about Pahom from his quest?  

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In the story "How Much Land Does a Man Need?" by Leo Tolstoy, Pahom is a man who is driven by wanting and not need.  His desire to have more than the others and to protect what is his allows him to anger easily and forget how to share.  Communal life is about give and take but Pahom is unable to share.  When his neighbors allow their animals to eat on his land he has them fined.  When he sees his trees carved down he takes the wrong man to court and becomes angered and accuses the judges of being thieves.

Pahom is never happy with what he has.  He hears about and in other parts that is supposed to be better and he desires to own it.  He sells off his land for a profit and is able to have better land and more of it than he had before.  However, greed soon set-in and he was unhappy with what he owned and wanted more.  He is a man who can not find satisfaction in life.

When Pahom hears there is even more land to be gained he leaves and arranges to obtain that land.  His greed gets the best of him and in an effort to make it back to the Chief so he can own his land, he falls down dead from exhaustion.  He killed himself to own more land than he needed when in the end he needed only enough in which to be buried.

Pahom was a greedy man.

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