What do you believe is the author's "struggle for success"?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would say that Bradbury's fundamental struggle in the short story is how to reconcile human consciousness in a world that has destroyed itself at its own hands.  The house in the story is a marvel.  It is a technological advance representative of the most supreme beings and of the most supreme in societal expectations.  However, the house stands in what amounts to be a zone of nuclear catastrophe.  All signs of human life have been wiped out by that hands of human beings.  It is here where I think that Bradbury's greatest struggle is evident.  How can the most remarkable advances in science and technology, designed to improve the quality of human life, be matched against the most dangerous uses of science and technology that threaten to wipe out all human life?  This struggle between the greatness of science and its absolute terror is what defines consciousness and being for Bradbury.  The house standing in a zone of death is the perfect metaphor for this struggle, one for which Bradbury has no answers and no discernible answers.  It is in this paradigm where the author finds himself and his greatest struggle to reside.

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