Of Mice and Men Questions and Answers
by John Steinbeck

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What do Whit and George say about Curley's wife in Of Mice and Men?

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Neither Whit nor George refer to Curley's wife in a positive way. Whit says that

You’ll see plenty. She ain’t concealin’ nothing. I never seen nobody like her. She got the eye goin’ all the time on everybody. I bet she even gives the stable buck the eye. I don’t know what the hell she wants.

Curley's wife is very lonely. She and Curley don't love one another, and he is a very jealous man. He doesn't allow her to talk to anybody, but she does anyway. She constantly seeks attention on the ranch, moving from area to area under the pretense of looking for Curley, but really she is trying to talk to the ranch hands. When they are alone, they will talk to her, but when there are two or more of them, they won't. She notices this and remarks on it. She doesn't like when they are rude to her, and she is quick to remind people that she is the boss' son's wife when she feels that she has been disrespected.

George picks up on all of this quickly, and he also sees the way that Lennie is looking at her. He recognizes that the way Lennie notices her as well as the way Lennie keeps saying that she's pretty—which could be cause for alarm and lead to trouble for them. He calls her a "tart" and tells Lennie to stay away from her. Of course Lennie does not, and as George suspected, it does lead to the downfall of their companionship.

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