What to do when you don't get customers no matter how many times you put an advertisement, new or old?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are several options facing businesses who are challenged with the need to develop new customer bases.  One action that businesses undertake is the hiring of a consultant or consulting agency.  These individuals examine the business and develop different approaches to generating revenue or attracting more clients.  A fee is charged for such services, but the advantage in receiving assistance from outside the company allows a "fresh set of eyes" to examine ways to generate client interest and develop new streams of revenue.  Another approach would be to develop a website or webpage that is linked to internet traffic within the organization.  This is not merely advertising, but an attempt to create "buzz" or interest within the industry, but creates a forum where the business is in the midst of activity, and can develop new paths to client interest.  Building off of this could be flexible pricing schemes and incentives offered that are designed to lure first time customers, in particular.   Finally, an approach to attracting more clients may lie in rexamination of company goals and its targeted audience.  Perhaps one reason why a strong client base is not being developed is because the audience and business services are not aligned properly.  Reevaluation might develop a stronger sense of connection between business servies and client needs.

krishna-agrawala | Student

There can be several reasons for not getting adequate response against an advertisement. The best way to deal with such situations is to find out the specific causes for not getting the customers against a particular advertisement and take necessary action to eliminate such causes. The possible reasons for failure of an advertisements are:

  1. The advertisement is not effective in attracting attention of the prospective customers and developing their interest of prospective customers. It is also possible that the advertisement does not present a suitable impression about the product advertised. A situation can be improved by improving the advertisement design and copy.
  2. The advertisement appears in places and/or at times where it is not seen by the prospective customers. This situation can be improved by ensuring that advertisement appear in media and at times where it has fairly good chance of being seen by the prospective customers.
  3. Advertisement is seen by the customer and creates sufficient interest and desire in mind of prospective customer, but fails to provide sufficient information about where or how the product can be sen or purchased. If this is the case the advertisement should be redesigned to include suitable information to guide the customer about action to be taken by them.
  4. The product is not suitable for the customer. This situation can be remedied by either changing the product design or directing the advertisement towards people who may find the product suitable. If both these approaches are not practical, then it is best abandon the idea of selling such products.