What do we need Vitamin B for?

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Vitamin B is actually a complex of eight chemically different compounds in food. They are water soluble vitamins. They are necessary for cellular metabolism. They maintain healthy skin and muscle tone. Any excess B vitamins are excreted in urine and cannot be stored. They must be constantly replenished. They also help the immune and nervous systems to function. Vitamins are coenzymes and assist enzymes that catalyze chemical reactions in the body. Deficiencies of Vitamin B can lead to nutritional diseases. An example is beriberi.

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Vitamin B is important because it is needed for your cells. B vitamins are mostly founded in meats and grains . B vitamins help prevent cancer, reduces heart disease and many more reasons.

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Vitamin B is needed for cell metabolism.  Vitimin B is not one singular vitamin but many different vitamins - B2, B12, B6.  Most people take a complex combination of all B vitamins.  B vitamins are generally found in simple meats and grains such as turkey, tuna, lentils, beans. B vitamins promote cell metabolism, enhance immune systems, and help prevent certain cancers.