what do we mean by Nostalgia?

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In vocabulary terms, the Oxford Dictionay describes nostalgia as "homesickness; longing for the past'' etc.

In literary terms, nostalgia is a term denoting a style of attitude in some or any literary work, where such a yearning or longing for the past, for home, or childhoood, or some such other 'sentimental' topic is strongly found.

In Western literature, the best and most famous example of a 'nostalgia work' is Marcel Proust's A la recherchedu temps perdu (published in 1913-1927, seven parts) and it shows how strong the effects of sensory powers may be in bringing about a 'nostalgic' revival of memories.

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Nostalgia is a sad feeling or longingness that occurs when one thinks of a happy memory of the past.

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The word 'nostalgia' refers to an intense longing for a romanticized past. To explain further - immigrants to a new nation often experience feelings of nostalgia for the life they left behind. In the process, they highlight the positives of that life and ignore the negatives. When they return, the glaring difference between the reality and their remembered experience, proves to be shocking and unsettling.


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