What do we learn from Gertrude's farewell to Ophelia (5.1.227-230)? Would Polonius have been surprised if he had heard this?

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Though in principle I agree with the previous post, one could argue that Polonius would have been surprised.

So much of his policy towards Ophelia, in instructing her to no longer see Hamlet or give any of herself to him, was based on the fact that he thought his love for her was false and that he was out of her league really.  He goes on and on about how it is just a trap "springes to catch woodcocks" or just a flame of youth that will be extinguished once Hamlet comes to his senses as the heir to the throne.

Even Laertes thinks that Hamlet's affection is false and counsels Ophelia to be careful.

So if you believe that Polonius honestly thought Hamlet was out of her league, he likely would have been pleasantly surprised by the idea of...

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