Saint Marie Questions and Answers
by Louise Erdrich

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What do we learn about the narrator as a character through her narrative techniques in "Saint Marie" by Louise Erdrich?

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In Louise Erdrich's collection, Love Medicine, and specifically the chapter entitled, "Saint Marie," the narrative technique most evident is the use of "voice," showing what Marie is and what she is not. (Erdrich also uses flashback, another narrative device.)

Through use of realism and evocative visual imagery, Erdrich captures the contemporary audience.

Voice is the way in which the character speaks to the audience. Marie seems to be a reliable narrator: she is realistic to the point of cynicism, holding up the irony in the world around her.

...the narrator is not the author but a created persona with a personality, a behavior pattern and special reasons for telling the story in the manner it is being told...

Marie is a fourteen-year old who can spot hypocrisy a mile away. She wants to join a convent, but is not concerned with piety—simply with making a break with her Native American heritage and getting the nuns to idolize her.


Marie is upfront and honest about her situation and her world...

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