What do we learn about Cyclopes in The Odyssey? 

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In Homer's Odyssey we learn a few important details about the Cyclopes. 

First, we learn that they are not very civilized. For example, they do not have laws or councils. For the Greeks this was odd, as they had city-states (poleis) and the rule of law was central to their life. So, we can say that the Cyclopes were very unGreek in this sense. They were veritable barbarians. 

Second, we learn that the Cyclopes had no idea of hospitality. Odysseus tarried on the island of the Cyclopes thinking that he would receive some sort of hospitality. Hospitality was important and understood to be given in the Greek world. In fact, Zeus was a god of hospitality. Odysseus would find out that the Cyclopes were so barbaric that they wanted to eat his men. They succeeded to a certain extent and Odysseus was lucky to escape. 

Finally, The Cyclopes lived in a very fertile land. This was fortunate for them, because they had no civilization. Hence, they did not cultivate their land. 

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