What do we learn about Chandler's character from his attitude toward Corless's? his sometimes walking "boldly through dark narrow streets at night? his questions about the immorality of Paris? his blushing at questions about his marriage and his children? his wish "to assert his manhood"? his feelings while buying a blouse for his wife? his thought's about his wife's photograph?

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We learn through Chandler's attitude toward Corless, and Gallaher, the old workmate who he meets there, that "little" Chandler is a timid, priggish man too fearful to ever amount to anything but the colorless person he already is. He is associated with the color white, showing both his bland character and his "lily-livered" cowardice.

Corless's, the place where he meets Gallaher, is a bar and restaurant that Chandler feels is too exotic—or perhaps too illicit, as it is identified with the theater—for him to have entered before. We learn he normally turns his head away when he passes by—he both desires it and yet is afraid of it. When he gets inside this colorful place—filled with "red and green" wine...

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