What do we find out about Mr. Underwood in To Kill a Mockingbird?  

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Braxton Bragg Underwood is one of the more interesting of the minor characters of To Kill a Mockingbird. Underwood was named--"in a fey fit of humor" by his father--for one of the most inept and hated of all the Confederate generals of the Civil War, Braxton Bragg; Scout mentions that rumor had it that Underwood had been determined to "live it down." The owner and editor of The Maycomb Tribune, Underwood was an "intense, profane little man" who apparently was quite a drinker, since Atticus commented that "naming people after Confederate generals made slow steady drinkers." Atticus also said that Underwood "despises Negroes," yet, on the night that the lynch mob came to take Tom Robinson from the jail, he stood guard over Atticus with his shotgun from the window above the newspaper office. Despite his feelings about the black man, he vehemently lamented Tom's death, likening it to the "senseless slaughter of songbirds." Scout decided that Underwood did not approve of the killing of cripples, be they black or white.

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