What do you think about the Boston bombings?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

On one level, my thoughts about the Boston bombing are obvious and surely shared by essentially everyone.  The bombing was a terrible thing that destroyed or at least harmed the lives of many people.  It is a shame that they happened.

On a second level, I do not yet have any thoughts about the bombings because I do not know enough about them.  We do not yet know what caused the bombers to do what they did.  Their motives will not change the horror of what they did.  However, they would make a difference as to what I thought the bombings mean.

On a third level, I am surprised by many people’s reactions.  People say “what is this world coming to” and make it clear that they see this as evidence of decline in our society.  I, by contrast, think that the utter rarity of such violence in our society shows that we have progressed.  In the past, mass violence and other injustice were much more common.  We no longer have mass violence due to labor disputes.  We no longer have race riots.  We no longer have lynchings.  Our society (and that of the world as a whole) is getting to be generally more peaceful even though horrible things like these attacks still do happen and probably always will.