In The View from Saturday, what do turtle patrols try to do during big storms?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

During big storms, it is essential that turtle patrols "harvest" as many baby turtles as they can to prevent the turtles from trying to go into the ocean whilst a storm is occurring. This is because a turtle will expend too much energy trying to swim through the waves and the currents, and will often die as a result. This is why Nadia's grandfather is so concerned about what is going to happen to the turtles he and his partner have been looking after and tending to so carefully. Note what Nadia says to her dad about the need to pick up the turtles and look after them:

When Grandpa says that we must harvest the turtles, he means that we must gather them up and save them in buckets. Then we take them to Marineland. When the seas calm down, they will be taken fifty miles offshore and placed in the Sargasso Sea.

What happens therefore is that humans give the turtles a helping hand as they make the move from hatching from their eggs in the sand on the beaches to moving into the water. This "lift" is of course paralleled by the help that Nadia and her father need to help them in their tricky transition from being a family to being a single-parent family.