What do think was Hosseini's goal in writing The Kite Runner?What do think was Hosseini's goal in writing The Kite Runner?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Overall, I think that Hosseini's goal was to provide a narrative to help articulate the Afghan- American experience in the modern setting. Bearing much in way of similarity to Amir in the novel, Hosseini straddled both worlds.  In this point, I think that he does accomplish his end goal.  He was able to articulate how the shadow of what transpired in Afghanistan with both the war against the Russians and the rise and repression of the Taliban ended up impacting both the people in and out of Afghanistan.  Hosseini is able to show that individuals who make a new life in the new world still, at some level, understand that they live a divided consciousness.  Part of their reckoning lies in the present in the life they have made in the new setting, while another aspect lies in their past and what happens there does have impact on who they are in the future.  It is here where the novel speaks the loudest.  The idea that Amir cannot turn a blind eye to the need to go back and "become good again."  This is something that he has to face, something he has to do, and an identity that has to be reclaimed in order to right what was wrong and to simply be happy.

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