What do they mean by "reflection on your reading" for Rumble Fish?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While different teachers use the term in different ways, "Reflection" means for students to personalize the notion of reading and generate personalized responses to the reading selection or text.  Some questions that can guide your thought would be, "How do you feel after reading the text?"  Another type of question to identify a particular moment or sequence of events that stuck out in your mind after reading and why it resonated in your mind.  Questions such as these force you to reflect and think about the reading.  Reflection questions are designed for deeper and more penetrating thought about the text and the impact it had on the reader. Specific characters, motivations, and character changes might be a part of your reflection. These questions are designed to gauge how well you, as the reader, could relate to the text.  Many teachers have different takes on reflection questions, and you should check with your teacher what they want, but I  think these ideas might be a good guide.