What do these two quotes from The Crucible  mean and how does it relate to belonging? abigail: "A wild thing may say wild things. But not so wild, I think. I have seen you since she put me out; I have seen you nights" and     proctor: "Abby, I may think of you softly from time to time. But I will cut off my hand before I’ll ever reach for you again. Wipe it out of mind. We never touched, Abby."

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Abigail Williams and John Proctor have radically different perspectives on their brief fling. Abigail thinks there was something between them, that there were genuine feelings involved. John, on the other hand, wishes that the whole thing had never happened. He feels that his affair with Abby was a huge mistake, and he's been wracked with guilt ever since.

The two quotations reflect Abby and John's different understandings of their illicit relationship. Abby may have been wild in conducting her affair with John—certainly by the standards of the time—but Abby gently reminds John that it takes two to tango; John was a willing partner in that affair, so if Abby was "wild," then so was he.

John's prepared to acknowledge that he still thinks kindly of Abby and the time he spent with her, but he's also keen to move on. He can't handle the guilt of having cheated on Elizabeth and giving in to temptation would simply make matters worse. John has resolved not to sleep with Abby again, and his...

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