What do these 2 quotes from Lord of the Flies mean?"Then there was that idefinable connection between himself and jack" ch. 12   Simon says Ralph will "get back all right"

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bigdreams1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe the first quote shows that Ralph understood that there was really not much difference between himself and Jack as leaders. Ralph was more level headed and charismatic about his leadership style, but as shown by the joy he got when his spear hit the pig and the fact that he didn't stop the murder of Simon in the mob frenzy, he is just a few small steps away from becoming the brutal dictator that Jack was. It was, I think, a comment on the Beast which is in all of us that civilization has tamed for some.

The second quote was a prophecy of sorts from Simon to Ralph. As they were looking over the ocean together, Simon just knew that Ralph would get off the island safely. Notice, he doesn't say "we" will get home (also a prophecy that he won't go home). The moment kind of enforces the idea that Simon represents the Christ figure in the novel (an all knowing, sacrificial, guardian of the people around him).

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