What do the seven doors represent in "The Masque of the Red Death"?

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Edgar Allen Poe was a master at hidden meanings in his works. There have been many discussions and theories of what the colors of the 7 rooms mean. Most of the conclusions all seem to mean the same thing. Prospero wants to keep himself and his friends safe from the red death. He holds a masquerade ball at his castle and welds the doors shut, thinking the red death can't get in. There are 7 rooms and each have a different color.

Most of the theories of these colors are as follows.

Blue represents the color of birth.

Purple suggests the beginnings of growth.

Green represents the color of the spring of someone's life "youth". 

Orange is the color of the summer and autumn of one's life.

White represents the color of age.

Violet is a shadowy color that could represent darkness and death.

Black is obviously death.

The colors represent the stages of human life. The rooms are also arranged from east to west. East is usually the direction associated with beginnings and the west is ending and death. In the story none of the guests ever go into the black room, suggesting that they are afraid of death. When the red death appears, it walks the course of each room. It starts with birth and ends with death. All of the guests, who are so afraid of death, rush to follow it. They themselves end up walking the whole course of rooms, as well. They all start at birth and end up in the black room. In the end, as they all enter the black room, they all die.

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