The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare

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What do the out of town doctors do to try and cure Mercy?

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In chapter seventeen, a fever spreads throughout the children of Wethersfield. None of the town's standard remedies seem to help like they usually would. The fever has to run its course.

Judith falls ill and is tended by the other women of the household. A doctor from Hartford arrives and tries to heal her by bleeding her. He also gives her a stew of ground roasted toads. Kit falls ill too, but she is not as sick as Judith. With rest, the two start to grow stronger.

Then, Mercy starts to cough. Mercy's sickness seems to be much worse than what Kit and even Judith suffered. The doctor from Hartford comes twice to try bleeding her. But the third time he comes, Mercy is too weak to lose anymore blood.

Matthew sits and thinks with his Bible. Just as he decides to get over his stubbornness and summon Gershom Bulkeley, the Reverend himself arrives at the house. The two men put aside their political differences and Revered Bulkeley tells them about a theory he read about. They make a poultice out of soft cooked onions and put it on Mercy's chest. The Reverend tells them to keep this up, and he leaves to care for others. The next morning, Mercy's fever has broken!

A mob arrives at the door looking for Matthew's assistance in going after Hannah, who they think is a witch. They blame witchcraft for their children's illness.

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