What do the names Mollie, Mr. Jones, the sheep, and Mr. Whymper signify in Animal Farm?  

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One thing that is interesting (and important) is that only the animals have personal names provided for them, while the humans are all referred to by last name; thus, we have Mr. Jones and Mr. Whymper, though one can add to this list the examples of Mr. Frederick of Pinchfield and Mr. Pilkington of Foxwood. This detail is actually quite important, because within Orwell's allegory, the humans represent the capitalists (which, in Russia, the Soviets overthrew) as well as the class-based society that capitalism entailed. In that context, this highly formalized style of address correlates with the wealth and income-based system of social stratification associated with capitalism (a system of stratification which communism was originally intended to reject).

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