How does the student culture of your own educational experience compare with the student culture of the 21st century in terms of what students dislike about school?    

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Students today essentially dislike the same things about school that students disliked when I was in high school (graduating in 1986).  Students typically dislike the degree to which their lives are controlled and they dislike having to spend time studying subjects that they dislike and find pointless.

There are, of course, some differences in the specifics of student culture.  Today’s students get mad if they can’t use their cell phones during school hours.  We did not have cell phones.  But that is not a significant difference.  Students of both eras disliked being told what to do by adults.  Academically, things have not changed.  It is still very common for students to dislike the idea of studying things that, to them, are pointless and will never help them in “real life.”

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