What do Romeo from Romeo and Juliet and Pip from Great Expectations have in common? What are their differences?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Pip and Romeo have one fundamental thing in common: they both want what they can’t have.  In each case, what they want is a girl!  Pip is in love with Estella, but first his class and then her emotional issues prevent him from having her.  Romeo is in love with Juliet, but due to her family situation they cannot marry.

Pip and Romeo both pursue the girls they are not supposed to be able to have, but in Romeo’s case Juliet returns his affections.  It’s only Juliet’s family that stands in the way.  In Pip’s case, Estella does not love him because she has been inoculated against love.  She has been honed by Miss Havisham into a weapon of revenge against men.  Even though they both end up dead, Romeo and Juliet do marry.  Pip and Estella are never together.


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