What do political parties contribute?

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Political parties are important for a number of reasons.  Among the biggest reasons, they

Provide a way to create political cohesion among many people.  Instead of being split up into many little factions, we split up into two main parties.  These parties unite us in some important ways.

Help us know what we believe in a complex political world.  If we know what party we belong to, it can help us make up our minds about issues.  We can know that we generally will agree with our party and so we do not have to spend as much time trying to understand every issue.

Allow us to hold someone accountable.  If there were no parties, we would not know which members of Congress, for example, to vote out of office if we did not like the way things are going.  If we know one party is in power and we do not like the way things are, we can know that we generally want to vote against that party.

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