What do normal Americans think of how Israel treats Palestine? Why Israel is Americas most important partner? Why does your President like to tolerate Jewish occupation of Palestinian territory with settlements that UN is banned? Do normal American people support everything for Israel or is it just The Washington Government? What do you think of the way Israel behave in Palestinian?  Thank You, Memes.

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I would agree with Post #2. Most critical thinking Americans understand that "it takes two to tango." Meaning: both sides are responsible for the turmoil. While one side may have started the conflict, the retaliation continued the conflict. That being said, in some cases, retaliation is necessary (while in others it is not).

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Different people think different things in this country.  We don't all have one point of view.  I think that there are ate least two things that are important here:

  • It wasn't Israel that started the Six-Day War that led to the West Bank being taken.  
  • Terrorist acts on the part of Arabs/Palsetinians against Israel help to make it seem as if the Israelis are (on balance) the good guys.  Things like Munich in 1972 and all the suicide bombings within Israel tend to help us sympathize with Israel.

I think most Americans think that there is plenty of blame to be given to both sides and that both sides should just settle on some 2 state solution even though it will not be ideal for either.

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