What do the newspapers call Loretta Lee in Freak the Mighty?

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The newspapers call Loretta Lee "the Heroic Biker Babe" (Chapter 21).

Loretta Lee is a tough-talking, "scrawny, yellow-haired woman with small, hard eyes and blurry red lips" who lives in the Testaments, a housing project where "poor people...and dope fiends" reside.  She is the girlfriend of Iggy, a "big hairy dude...(with) a huge beer gut and these giant arms all covered with blue tattoos and...a beard that looks like it's made out of red barbed wire".  Iggy is "the boss of The Panheads, this bad-news motorcycle gang", and both he and Loretta know Kenny Kane, Max's infamous father, who is in jail.  Max and Kevin meet Loretta when they find her purse in the sewer, and attempt to return it to her (Chapter 11).

When Max is kidnapped by his father and tied up in an old, abandoned building, Loretta tries to release him when Kenny is momentarily absent.  Unfortunately, the convict returns and tries to strangle Loretta for her efforts, almost succeeding in killing her before the fortuitous arrival of Kevin and the police.  Although Kenny has broken a bone in her neck. Loretta recovers, and the newspapers write about her, calling her "the Heroic Biker Babe" (Chapter 21).  It is Loretta's stubborn resilience that enables Max to get back on track after the twin trauma's of his father's return and the death of his best friend (Chapter 25).

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