What do the names of the characters suggest about the setting for John Steinbeck's "The Pearl?" ?

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John Steinbeck's main characters in "The Pearl" are Kino, Juana, and Coyotito. Depending upon where one lives, reader's knowledge about names will vary. Some readers may look at the names of the characters and suggest that the setting may be around a Native American community (since Coyotito resembles coyote). This setting would be out among the land, stars, and nature. 

Other readers may make a different connection. Pearls are found in oysters. Oysters are found in the ocean. The names of the character, then, must be of an island nature. In this case, the setting would include beaches, huts, and tropical weather. 

It is very hard to identify a setting correctly off of the names of characters (whithout anything else to go on). While many different suggestions can be made, the preceding suggestions represent two which readers may identify. 


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