What do Miss Maudie's words and behavior following the burning of her house reveal about her?

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You can find how Miss Maudie behaves and what she says at the end of Chapter 8.  To me, this chapter tells me that she is a brave and resilient woman.

The night of the fire, Miss Maudie is sad, as you would expect.  She does not really want to talk.  But the next day, she is in a much stronger mood than you would think.  She is not sad about her house burning.  She says that it was too big anyway and now she'll have more room to plant azaleas.

She may be just trying to make herself feel better, but the point is that she's not sulking or feeling sorry for herself.  Instead, she is either accepting what's happened or, at the very least, she is working to make herself feel better about it.  That's brave and resilient in my opinion.

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