What do Medea and Odysseus have in common?

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Medea and Odysseus are two unusual characters to compare, as the first character is the creation of the fifth-century playwright Euripides and the second character is the creation of the eighth-century epic poet Homer. There are, in spite of the mythological and historical distance between them, some interesting similarities.

Odysseus was best known for his cunning; his very epithet bears this out. He was not a strong warrior like Achilles or Agamemnon, but he was remarkable for his ability to plan and devise novel strategies. Medea also has this quality of ingenuity and cunning. She manages to help Jason perform all the difficult tasks that he needed to perform in order to obtain the golden fleece.

Both Odysseus and Medea are also fiercely independent characters. This is relatively unsurprising in the case of Odysseus, but it is much more remarkable in Medea's case, given traditional Greek gender roles.

Both Medea and Odysseus exact terrible revenge on those who've wronged them. Medea commits...

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