What do literature books have that make them suitable to be studied?I have to do a book review on why that book should be studied in the syallbus, but i do not know how to proceed. The book I have...

What do literature books have that make them suitable to be studied?

I have to do a book review on why that book should be studied in the syallbus, but i do not know how to proceed.

The book I have to review is Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

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William Delaney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a tough assignment. I can only offer a few suggestions to hopefully get you started.

First, you ought to tell what the book is about and not assume that your reader has ever read it. Your description and synopsis should include a little information about Jules Verne himself. You could mention that he was one of the first science-fiction writers and name some of his other works, such as  Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

Then you might describe your own reaction to the book, focusing on what you liked and what you didn't like. You might have found it a little old-fashioned. If you know of other students who liked the book, you might mention that fact.

Then, since Verne was one of the first sci-fi writers, you could point out that he had a huge influence on all the other sci-fi writers who came after him, right up to the present day. And you might name a few of those modern writers and their works.

As a last suggestion, you could maintain that  Journey to the Centre of the Earth  ought to be introduced in school because it is interesting to young readers like yourself, because it is very well written, and because it has had such a powerful influence on sci-fi and fantasy writers all over the world. Many of the accomplishments of modern scientists, such as space voyage and undersea exploration, were first imagined by creative writers like Jules Verne.



teachkwon | Student

Literature, especially great literature, seeks answers to questions under eternal conditions, emotions, and challenges that are interconnected. The meaning of life: Do we ask the question of whether life has meaning, or do we just go through life without asking? Truth: Do we live our lives with questions of good or build our lives on a fabric of lies? Duty and responsibility: What is our duty? Literature explores different conclusions of duty. Do we believe in Bonhoeffer’s conception of his responsibility to follow the higher calling of good or Judge  Thorbeck’s adherence to the importance of duty? Justice, government, and society: What types of justice, government, and society are desired? Love, jealousy, and hate: Romantic love is extremely important in our lives. Courage, honor, and ambition: These emotions run through such works as the Iliad, the Gospel of Mark, and the story of Faust. Beauty and nature: These concepts speak to what is inside of us. Henry David Thoreau, for example, writes that our souls must commune with the beauty of nature. History and the past: Books are our link to the great ideas of the past. Literature is built on the belief that great books, great ideas, and great individuals make history. This concept runs counter to the Marxist idea that social and economic forces make great ideas. Such great men as Socrates, Napoleon, and Lincoln all built on ideas of the past. In truth, great ideas propel people to become great in themselves. 

Education: The lessons of the past come together to educate us. Wisdom is the ultimate goal of any literature. We must take the information and knowledge from literary works and transform it into wisdom, applying what we have learned from these themes to our lives. 

How do we define literature? Literature has a great theme. It discusses ideas of enduring importance. A literary work is written in language that elevates the soul and ennobles the mind. Literature must speak across the ages, reaching the hearts and minds of people far removed in time and space from the era and circumstances in which it was composed. Thus, literature summarizes the enduring values and ideas of a great age and gives them as a legacy to future generations. Literature is an education for freedom. 

ramlakshmi | Student

You can fashion your write-up by first writing the objectives of liteature in general and the appeal and applicability of Journey to the Centre of the Earth in particular. Generally speaking, all genres of literature are based on human emotions,passions, thoughts, trends and oddities.They portray life generally or specifically, set in different times and in different milieus.Literature provides fun, knowledge and  insight.

This particular fiction heralds the age of science and captures the spirit of adventure.It is a fore-runner in the arena of science fiction.

Having elaborated on these lines, you can give an introduction of the writer along with a passing reference of other sci-fi writers like him.Try to present interesingly the accurate facts and inaccuracies found in the story, side by side. Spare a few sentences for the writing style which almost creates a motion picture with just words.Make an attempt to compare the geological details given in the book with those established later. Don't fail to highlight the thrill and excitement of the aborted journey.

Finally substantiate how the fiction is ahead of its time.      

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